Book Review: The Battle of Pickett’s Mill, Along the Dead-Line

The Battle of Pickett’s Mill, Along the Dead-Line
By Brad Butkovich
Published by The History Press

I purchased this book at Pickett’s Mill State Historic Site during a Civil War History talk by the Author Brad Butkovich.  After the talk, he took us on a walk through part of the battlefield and described the events that took place there.

I have finally had a chance to finish the book and I have to say that it is very well written and an exciting read.  He covers all the action of the engagement and the events in the area leading up to the battle in great detail.  I really enjoyed the personal accounts from soldiers and officers that were in the battle.  That really shows the great amount of research that went into this book.  Not just regimental histories, etc, but reading personal diaries and letters of those that were there.  There is nothing like the first hand account of those engaged. 

One of the best parts of the book is the introduction.  It is short, but the information that it includes about how the Union Army and the Confederate Army named and numbered units is very valuable.  It has confused many people over the years and now, to have it written and explained so well, is an invaluable addition to the book.  I also like the inclusion of the complete Order of Battle.  The book is annotated and has a fantastic bibliography for those that would like further reading. 

Brad has just finished his new book on the Battle of Alatoona Pass and it should be available by June.  I am really looking forward to it as I enjoy his writing style and the amount of detail he includes.

If your interested in a copy of The Battle of Pickett’s Mill, Along the Dead-Line, it can be purchased at the Pickett’s Mill State Historic Site or through Amazon.The Battle of Pickett’s Mill, Along the Dead-Line

Author: Clint Brownlee

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