Photography Days 16, 17, and 18 are done!

     Last Friday was my 16th day of Photography for the War Was Here project.  I started the morning at Pigeon Hill and hiked to the top of Little Kennesaw Mountain.  Here I photographed Ft. McBride.  Not only did I use my regular digital camera, but I actually shot some real film.  I used my pinhole camera that takes 120 film and I shot in a 6 by 9 format.  The images should be really cool.  Got a lot of comments on the camera too and had to explain what it was and how it worked to some people that had never seen one. 
     Yesterday, I went back out to Kennesaw Mountain and since it was the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Kolb’s Farm, I made images of that area.  Not much of the battlefield is left.  The Kolb house is still there and is the only period home on park service property.  They use it as a residence for a park employee.  From here I photographed the Cheatham Hill area, both from the Federal lines and from the Confederate lines.  I then went to the 24 Gun Battery that was part of the Union line. 
     Today I took the boys with me back to the mountain and we went to the top to make images and enjoy the view.  After that we went to the visitor center to the museum to cool off and have a snack.  From there we went to photograph some of the historic homes that were used by different Generals as headquarters and are still standing today.  Some are well kept, others are unoccupied and are in need of preservation and repair.  The one that Union General Schofield used, was in the middle of an apartment complex for senior citizens.  They had a small community garden in front of it.  Over all, the boys and I had a good time today and I was able to make some good images.
     Days 19 and 20 will come this Friday and Saturday while I am out at Kennesaw Mountain for the 150th event.  It should be really interesting.  There will be lots of living history presentations and of course artillery demonstrations.  Hope to see some of you there.  If you are coming out there, you should bring a lunch because they do not have any food vendors set up.  They will only be selling drinks and packaged snacks.

Author: Clint Brownlee

My name is Clint Brownlee and I am a Photographer in Woodstock, Georgia with over 20 years of photographic experience in many different aspects of photography. I have photographed everything from weddings, special events and portraits to published materials, but my passion has always been Fine Art and Nature Photography. I have had a several shows at the Mason Murer Fine Art Gallery in Atlanta, Georgia and The Roswell Visual Arts Center in Roswell, Georgia. I now sell through my website:

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