Photography days 31, 32, 33, and 34 are done!

     Last Tuesday, I photographed multiple locations in south west Atlanta near Cascade Heights and Westend.  They were all associated with the Battle of Utoy Creek.  I was also able to photograph to antebellum structures in the area and both were used by soldiers during the war. 
     Last Wednesday, I met with the Walker family at the McDaniel Farm Park in Gwinnette County.  They are reenactors and living historians.  There were multiple outfits used for different impressions.  I made some fantastic images and hope to share some of them soon.  Just need to find time to edit.
     Last Thursday, I returned to south west Atlanta to photograph some Federal earthworks off of the Lionel Hampton Bike Path.  Yes, I did ride my bike to the location.  First time I have ever traveled to a location for photography on a bike.  After the bike path, I began the process of photographing the locations of the Forts that were part of Atlanta’s inner defensive perimeter.  I photographed Forts “A” through “K”.  “K” was located where the Fox Theater is now.  From here I traveled up Peachtree Road to Piedmont Hospital to photograph the monument in front of the hospital and then made some follow up images in the area of the Battle of Peachtree Creek. 
     On Saturday, I got an early start and was in downtown before 7am.  I made a few shots of the city sky line and then followed the route of Hardee’s Night March south from the capitol and past the Federal Prison.  This is also part of the route that S.D. Lee’s Corps used to march to Jonesboro and part of the route used when the Confederates evacuated Atlanta.  I made some follow up shots of this route and some shots of the South River at Moreland Ave.  From here I went to the old site known as Rough and Ready.  Now it is called Mountain View is on 41 in the little triangle created by 41, I-75, and I-285.  From here I followed the route of Hardee’s March to Jonesboro.  When I got to Jonesboro I photographed multiple location associated with the Battle of Jonesboro and then I photographed multiple period homes that were used for various reasons by the armies in the area.  I also was able to photograph Stately Oaks Plantation.  It was decorated in period mourning decor.  The tour with a discussion of mourning customs of the period was really good.  From Jonesboro I went to Lovejoy an photographed the Nash Farm Battlefield as well as some other areas around town. 

Author: Clint Brownlee

My name is Clint Brownlee and I am a Photographer in Woodstock, Georgia with over 20 years of photographic experience in many different aspects of photography. I have photographed everything from weddings, special events and portraits to published materials, but my passion has always been Fine Art and Nature Photography. I have had a several shows at the Mason Murer Fine Art Gallery in Atlanta, Georgia and The Roswell Visual Arts Center in Roswell, Georgia. I now sell through my website:

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