August 28th, 1864

August 28th, 1864:

Around midday on the 28th, the Federal XV and XVII Corps reach the Westpoint railroad in  Fairburn and then, later in the afternoon, the Federal IV and XIV Corps reach the Westpoint railroad in Red Oak.  Sherman orders his troops to destroy as much of the railroad as possible so as to make it unusable and to burn the cross ties and bend the tracks so that no piece can be reused.  They are to begin immediately and continue to work all through the next day.

General Hood is starting to realize the threat is on the Western and Atlantic railroad near Jonesboro.  Hood has sent Reynold’s Brigade to Jonesboro by train and they will be followed by Lewis’s Kentuckians.  Brown moves to Rough and Ready with part of Bate’s Division to protect it from possible raids coming from Red Oak or Fairburn.
Looking south along the railroad at Red oak, in the direction of Shadnor Church and Fairburn.  Federal forces destroyed the railroad from here to Fairburn and labored for several days to do as much damage as possible.
 The Old Red Oak Post Office stood here along the tracks of the Atlanta – West Point Railroad.  Federals spent the 28th and 29th of August here destroying the railroad.
Shadnor Church, located in present day Union City, was a military landmark for the movement of Federal troops against the Atlanta – West Point Railroad and their later march to Jonesboro.  The Church was used at various times by both side as a hospital and as it was unoccupied at the time the railroad was destroyed, Sherman ordered the original log church be burned.  This is the third or fourth structure of this church on this site.
Looking north along the Atlanta – West Point Railroad in the direction of Red Oak.  Notice the Shadnor Church Cemetery to the right of the tracks.  These were destroyed by the Federal Army on the 28th and 29th of August 1864.
Looking south from Shadnor Church towards Fairburn.
The Atlanta – West Point Railroad in Fairburn.  Looking north towards Shadnor Church and Red Oak.  These tracks were destroyed and repaired several times during the Atlanta Campaign, but on the August the 28th and 29th, much more damage was done and miles of track were destroyed.

Author: Clint Brownlee

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