A couple more of my favorite shots from the 150th Bentonville Reenactment

Waiting for their turn in the trenches.
Digging in with what ever they had.  Cups, plates, shovels axes.

Great posture and balance!

The drum

Col. Ivan Ingrahm
Confederates lined up for

150th Battle of Bentonville Reenactment

This past weekend I was invited by the 10th Iowa (Adjunct) to the 150th Battle of Bentonville reenactment, to come along and photograph their unit.  I have to say that it was an incredible experience with a truly impressive group of reenactors.  Their attention to the detail in their period impressions was incredible.  It was an honor and a pleasure to have the opportunity to photograph such a fine group of reenactors.

Photographs from the reenactment can be seen here:
150th Battle of Bentonville Reenactment

I also have a short video of the 10th Iowa marching into the reenactment of Saturday morning.  They camped off site on Friday night and on Saturday morning they marched over 8 miles.  They even did a little foraging for food along the way.  If you look close you can see a few chickens.  Be patient with the video, it takes about 12 seconds before it starts.
150th Bentonville March

For some reason, this image below is one of my favorite.  A soldiers feet take them everywhere they need to go. 

These boots have traveled many a mile to sway the tide of battle.