Photography days 13, 14, and 15 are done.

Over the last three days I went to multiple locations along the Brushy Mountain, Mudd Creek, Lost Mountain Line.  I was able to make images in places that were occupied on those days.  The highlight was yesterday, when I went to look at lines of earthworks with Jeffery Wright. He showed me some of the earthworks and artillery batteries the he helped save from destruction due to development and to a new location that he is working to preserve.  The area is under development, but the developer has agreed to save the works and has them fenced off.  Those works are pretty unique as they are Federal Artillery Batteries.  We also visited the Confederate batteries that the Federal batteries were aimed at.  We were there yesterday the 18th, which was 150 years to the day, that they were used during the Battle of Latimer’s Farm.  There was a thunderstorm moving by about a mile away while we were there.  I closed my eyes for a moment to imagine the thunder as the roar of cannons.  It is hard for me to describe the feeling I have while being on these battle grounds on the anniversary of the battle.  It certainly has a special energy to it.  We also went to couple of location that are on private property.  We did get permission.  One of these other locations was on Pine Mountain and Mr. Wright had not been there, but only had seen part of the trenches from the road.  We knocked on the land owners door and got permission to go through their woods.  We were both very surprised to find about 300 yards of very well preserved earthworks and what appeared to be a four gun artillery battery.  That is a property that needs to be preserved.  We also went to one of the largest and most strangely designed set of works I have seen.  They are on Brushy Mountain and are in a place that needs to be preserved from development as well.  Over all it was a very productive three days.  I will start photographing Kennesaw Mountain tomorrow.  There is so much there, I think it will take me about a week to photograph, plus a couple of days at the 150th celebration that is taking place the 26th through the 29th.  

Author: Clint Brownlee

My name is Clint Brownlee and I am a Photographer in Woodstock, Georgia with over 20 years of photographic experience in many different aspects of photography. I have photographed everything from weddings, special events and portraits to published materials, but my passion has always been Fine Art and Nature Photography. I have had a several shows at the Mason Murer Fine Art Gallery in Atlanta, Georgia and The Roswell Visual Arts Center in Roswell, Georgia. I now sell through my website:

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