More Battle of Atlanta Images

I have added some more images to the gallery for the 2014 Battle of Atlanta.  I added 18 new images to the Battle gallery and then added images the camps to another gallery. 

Here is the link again:  Battle of Atlanta 2014 Images

Here are a few of the images from the camps.

The Battle of Atlanta Reenactment 2014

     I have to say that this was probably the best reenactment I have seen.  It is obvious that it was a well planned and extremely well executed event.  I was only able to attend on Sunday, but was really happy I made it for at least one day.  The action on the field was great.  The reenactors were really into their roles and played them out really well.  The Confederate charge followed by the Federal counter charge was just awesome.  The artillery display was especially good.  There so many cannons firing that sometime you could not see the field for all the smoke and I have to think that in many battles throughout the war, that was the case. 

Here is a link to the images from the battle:  Battle of Atlanta 2014
I also have some images from the camps the I will post in a few days.
Here a few of my favorite images.
The first image has a smoke ring from one cannon and fire form another.  If you look close in the center, you will see a bird in the smoke. 

Images from my portrait project

I thought I would share a few images from my portrait project of reenactors.  I have met quite a few recently and really enjoy talking to them about reenacting.  They all have such a passion for it and for many different reasons.  They have all been so nice, supportive, and enthusiastic about my project.  I have a feeling that before all this is over, I to, will be a reenactor.