War Was Here, My new project

“War was here” is a documentary photography project that will be developed into a hard cover book, softcover book, an e-book, and hopefully a gallery show.

The purpose of this project is to document the Georgia Battlefields and other significant locations of General Sherman’s Atlanta Campaign and the March to the Sea.  This year celebrates the 150th anniversary of his historic military campaign through Georgia.  I plan on photographing each of the battlefields and locations on or as close to the actual anniversary date as logistics permit.  So on May 7th, 2014 I will be at Tunnel Hill making photographs of the battlefield that is considered the start of the campaign and in December I will be in Savannah making photographs of the end of the campaign.  My goal is to show the current conditions of the battlefields and locations as they are 150 years later.  For some locations, I will include period images as a contrast to the changes that have occurred over the years.

Some of the locations have been fairly well preserved, while some are all but lost.  Some are endanger of being lost and hopefully my images can be used to help document them and protect them.  I have spent over a year doing research, planning and location scouting.

While the majority of the images will be captured with a digital camera, I still work in film and some alternative processes and Pinhole as well.  While I am working I will be updating my blog http://www.warwashere.blogspot.com  several times a week and adding images that have been made recently and hopefully some short video of the locations.  After all the images are captured, I will be putting the “coffee table” book together as well as an e-book that will have additional images with more detailed descriptions and histories of locations and maps as well.  I will also be planning a gallery show of some of the images and I will also be donating copies of the book, e-book, and digital files of the images to the Atlanta History Center, the Kennesaw State University Civil War Center, The Georgia Battlefields Association, and to several other smaller museums, historical societies, and research libraries.