150 Years Ago Today: New Hope – Pickett’s Mill Line

Heavy skirmishing continues all along the line and both armies continue to extend their lines toward the east in the direction of the railroad.   General Sherman has ordered General Schofield to move the line to Allatoona Creek.  As the Union soldiers reach the creek they are met with stiff resistance from entrenched Confederate troops.  They attempt to turn the Confederate right flank, but Butterfield, who is assigned to support Schofield,  refuses to add his troops to the assault.   He states that he was assigned to support the movement east, but not engage in an attack.  Schofield entrenches for the night.  This turns out to be a good idea, because General Johnston has moved Cleburne’s and Walkers Divisons toward the end of his lines.  Schofield would have been open to a severe counter attack if he had attempted to turn the Confederate right. 

Meanwhile, Union Cavalry units operating in the area south of the Etowah river, report to General Sherman that the railroad is intact and usable down to Acworth. The railroad is Sherman’s goal and he is inching closer and closer to it each day.