Catching Up: Photography Days 38, 39, 40, and 41 are complete

I have been very busy of late and have not been able to update the website as quickly as I would like so I am combining multiple post here.

Day 38:  I photographed the Battle of Atlanta reenactment and had a fantastic time.  It was really one of the best reenactments that I have seen this year.  The field was covered with infantry and cavalry.  There were about 40 cannons firing as well.  I am looking forward to next years event.

Day 39:  I went to the Living History event at Allatoona Pass on Saturday morning to make some candid shots of the reenactors during the day then went home for a little while, before returning to make images of the cannons firing at night during the candle light tour.  Really great shots.

Day 40:  I returned to the Living History event at Allatoona Pass and took my boys with me.  They love to see the cannon fire.  I was able to capture more candid images as well as a great shot of the Cherokee Battery firing. 

Day 41:  I again returned to Allatoona Pass on Monday to do an extensive photographic study of the earthworks and the old railroad bed. 

Photographing Cannons

Wanted to share this blog post I wrote for my photography blog here because I think most of you will be interested and will like the images.

How to Photograph Cannons

The image below is from the recent living history event at Allatoona Pass.  I was allowed to set up and photograph the nighttime artillery demonstration.  It was a great event and the images really turned out well.

Allatoona Pass Living History

     This weekend marks the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Allatoona Pass.  In honor of this the Georgia State Parks and the Friends of Georgia State Parks along with several reenactment groups are hosting a living history event.  There will be a “tent city” area showing what life was like for the soldiers and civilians of the time as well as musket firing and artillery demonstrations.  I have been told that they will be placing a cannon in one of the original existing fortifications to do the artillery demonstration. 
     The day time demos will take place on Saturday from 9am to 4pm and on Sunday from 9am to 2pm.  There is a special candle light tour on Saturday night with tours that start every half hour from 7pm until 9pm.  There is a cost of $10.00 per person for the night tour.  You must reserve your tour here:  Allatoona Pass Nighttime Tours
The information for the tour states that it is not appropriate for children due to the darkness, terrain, and loudness of cannon fire.  It is also not ADA compliant.  I have been on the trails there and they can be steep with some tripping hazards, especially in the dark.  It will be cold so dress warm.

For more information about the daytime events to the state park website here:  Allatoona Pass Living History