Battle of Resaca 2015 images

Reenactor friends, sorry for the delay in posting these images, but with the kids getting out of school for the summer and all their activities, I have been swamped.  Here is a link to the images: Battle of Resaca, 2015 and below you will find a few of my favorite images.

On the two images above, if you look close you can see the fire from the vent hole and the above it is a dark blur that is the match.

Photographing Cannons

Wanted to share this blog post I wrote for my photography blog here because I think most of you will be interested and will like the images.

How to Photograph Cannons

The image below is from the recent living history event at Allatoona Pass.  I was allowed to set up and photograph the nighttime artillery demonstration.  It was a great event and the images really turned out well.