150 Years Ago Today: June 8th, 1864

June 8th, 1864
    General Sherman receives welcome reinforcements in the form of the XVII Corp, commanded by Major General Francis Blair.  They have traveled from Illinois and have arrived at the front with 9,000 additional soldiers, after leaving 2,000 to garrison Rome, Ga. and 1,500 at Allatoona Pass.

150 Years Ago Today: Confederate Crossing of the Etowah River

May 20th, 1864:  General Johnston and the Confederate Army withdrew from Cassville and on the evening and night of the 20th they crossed the Etowah River and began heading in the direction of Allatoona Pass.  General Sherman decided to rest his army and they stayed on the north side of the river for the next three days, where they were resting and restocking supplies. 
     Having traveled through this area as a young officer, General Sherman knew the dangers of approaching the Confederate Army, at the heavily fortified Allatoona Pass.  He formulated a plan to leave his railroad supply line and move southwest toward Dallas and try to out flank Johnston and take Marietta before the Confederate Army could get there. 

Allatoona Pass location scouting images

Yesterday my friend and I went to Allatoon Pass to scout the location for the shoot in October.  While we were there I made an image from the same general location as a period image made in 1864 by George Barnard.  Make note of the home on the left side of the images.  It has a two story front porch and is still standing today.  The angle is a little off, but the terrain has changed with the construction of the lake.  The home has also been through some repairs or remodels over the years but is essentially the same.  I hope to have similar comparisons in my book.  First will be the period image and mine will be below.

The above image is by George Barnard, circa 1864

This image is one that I made yesterday.

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Allatoona Pass Battlefield, location scouting

Heading out tomorrow to scout the battlefield at Allatoona Pass.  Hope to find some good locations to come back to in October on the anniversary of the battle.  I will have a sneak peek image of some thing at the battlefield in a day or two. 

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