Photography days 8,9 and 10 are done

I have finished days 8 and 9 of photography for my project.  Last Saturday was day 9 and I spent the day at Pickett’s Mill and photographed the reenactment.  It was a great reenactment and came home with some really great images.  I have already had the image of the cannons firing made into an 11 x 14 print.  It looks great, can not wait to frame it.

I finished up day 10 today.  I took the boys with me back out to Pickett’s Mill, where I made images of the Federal Lines and Battery.  We had a nice hike and the rain held off for us.  I also worked my way back down County Line Rd. and made a few images of where the lines extended toward Acworth. 

Photography Day 6 and 7, Done!

On May 28th I photographed the area where the Battle of Dallas took place.   This was a really great day.  It was the 150th anniversary of the battle to the day.  I was able to make images of some earthworks that were used in the battle.  They were still deep enough to be defensible positions.  The highlight of the day was photographing a historic home that was used as a Headquarters by General McPherson.   It was also used as a field hospital.  Today it is a law office.  I went in the office to introduce myself and ask permission to photograph the house.  They gave me permission and then we talked for awhile about the house and its history.  She gave me a tour of the first floor and showed me the room used as an operating room.  Then, she really surprised me, by bringing out a box containing human bone fragments.   One was obviously from an amputated limb since it had been cleanly cut with a saw.  She then told me about some of the strange things that happen in the house from time to time.

On the 29th I went to Pickett’s Mill to make images of the earthworks and key points of battle and the terrain.   Since the park was closed on the actual anniversary of the battle, this was the first day I was able to get in there to photograph it.  The lines here were occupied frm May 27th through June 6.  I will be going back tomorrow to photograph the reenactment.