Death of the Fighting Bishop

June 14th, 1864

Being concerned that the position of Bate’s Division on Pine Mountain was quickly becoming compromised, Confederate Generals Johnston, Polk and Hardee, rode to the top of the mountain on the morning of the 14th.  As the Generals were inspecting the position, they were observed by members of a Federal artillery battery located about a mile to the north east of the mountain.  This was the 5th Indiana Battery.  They observed what appeared to be officers on the mountain and opened fire.  The first round buried it’s self in the parapet of the Confederate position and the second round struck General Leonidas Polk in the chest killing him instantly.  Polk, also called the Bishop General was the Episcopal Bishop of Louisiana and was greatly revered by his men.  His death struck a serious blow to the Confederacy.

Later on the 14th, Federal forces attacked Pine Mountain in an attempt to cut it off from the main Brushy Mountain Lost Mountain line.  Pine Mountain formed a salient in the Confederate lines and was just over a mile to the north of the main line.  The Federals pushed hard to cut Pine Mountain off from their main line, but were repeatedly repulsed by the well entrenched and fortified positions of the Confederates of Bate’s Division.  General Johnston ordered Bate’s Division to with draw from the position on the night of the 14th under the cover of darkness.
Location on top of Pine Mountain were General Leonidas Polk was fatal struck by an artillery round from the 5th Indiana Battery
Remnants of the parapet the took the first round from the 5th Indiana Battery.
Earthworks atop Pine Mountain.  These were manned by Bate’s Division.
Now located behind a church, this is the position of the 5th Indiana Battery that fired the fatal shot killing General Leonidas Polk.  It has been turned into a small nature trail for the church.
Looking through the notch in the parapet wall of the 5th Indiana.  One of the artillery pieces would have fired through this notch in the wall.
From the 150th anniversary memorial ceremony held on Pine Mountain, June 14th 2014.
F.D.Polk IV, 3rd Great Grandson of the General Leonidas Polk was present at the memorial service.
During the memorial service a reenactor was portraying a Reverend and presided over the memorial service.
Surviving Confederate earthworks of Bate’s Division where they repulsed the Federal attack on June 14th along the base and slopes of Pine Mountain.

Surviving Confederate earthworks of Bate’s Division where they repulsed the Federal attack on June 14th along the base and slopes of Pine Mountain.

Surviving Confederate earthworks of Bate’s Division where they repulsed the Federal attack on June 14th along the base and slopes of Pine Mountain.


150 Years Ago Today: June 14th, 1864

June 14th, 1864
     Lt. General Leonidas Polk, the Fighting Bishop, was killed by an artillery round while observing Union positions from atop Pine Mountain.  Polk was the Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana.  Dearly loved by the soldiers that served in his command, his death was a great loss to the Confederacy. 

Where will I be?

I have been asked, by some of my new friends and some of the reenactors I have met, to post what events I will be photographing next for my project.  I will be photographing much more than just these events though, as my project is to cover as much about the Atlanta Campaign and The March to the Sea as possible.  Below is a list of events I will be at in the near future.  I have added a page to my site to list the events I will be attending.  Here a is short list for the near future.

June 14th:  Memorial service on Pine Mountain for Bishop-General Leonidas Polk.  The closest address is 1436 Beaumont Dr.  NW.  Kennesaw, Ga.  30152.  The event begins at 10:30.  I will most likely be there by 9 to take pictures of any reenactors there as well as the earthworks at the site.

June 14th:  150th Anniversary Commemoration, Life of Lieutenant General Leonidas Polk!
The Kirk House, 1888 Burnt Hickory Rd. NW Marietta, Ga.  30064.  This is the location of Polk’s last headquarters.  The event will feature reenactors, artillery demonstrations and special guest from the past.

June 20th – 22nd:  Sherman at the Gates, reenactor encampment on the Marietta Square.  I will probably be there Friday and maybe Saturday.  Check here for details:

June 26th – 29th:  Kennesaw Mountain 150th Event.  This will be at many different location through out the park.  I will be there each day, trying to cover the different activities and events at all the different locations.  If you are a reenactor and want a portrait or would like images for your unit.  Contact me through my site and I will arrange to meet you at a specific place and time. 
July 12th – 13th:  Federal Occupation of Roswell.  I will be here both days as the reenact the arrest of the Mill Workers.  Here is a link: